Last updated Tue 21st Jan 2014

Make Yourself A Cute Pair Of Ear Muffs


When the weather dips, you could head out and buy an expensive pair of ear muffs to keep your extremities toasty – or you could make them yourself for virtually nothing. Here’s how.

You will need:

  • leftover tweed fabric
  • old pair of tights
  • plastic hair band
  • felted wool fabric from an old blanket
  • a dinner plate
  • screwdriver
  • pen

Lay the plate face down on the tweed fabric, trace around it with the pen and cut out your circle.

Cut a smaller circle from the felted fabric. This will later be placed on the inside centre of the ear muff.

Sew around the edge of the larger circle using a big sewing stitch.

Pull on the end of the thread, gathering the fabric in as you go to create a circular pouch, ready for stuffing. Stuff your tweed fabric pouch with a pair of old tights that you’ve rolled into a ball.

Make a little hole at the end of each side of your hairband. Then pass a needle and thread through the hole and attach the end of the hairband securely to your tweed pouch.

Keep it in place by sewing the smaller felt circle over the end of the hairband.

Repeat on the other side for a cosy pair of ear muffs made from scraps of fabric. Functional and fabulous.

Keep sharp items out of children’s reach.

Watch the video below to see SuperScrimper Juliette show you it’s done.

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